Month In Review // November 2015


My plan to maintain a steady weekly running plan has been good. I’ve been focusing more on consistency than pure mileage. I may do another DXA scan before leaving for Japan at the end of the month.


Obsessions / Finds

This Is The Admiral’s Ferrari 500 Mondial – YouTube This YouTube video about a US Navy admiral and the 4 cylinder Ferrari that he has owned for more than 5 decades touched my heart.

San Pellegrino Chinotto – link I bought this soda on a whim a few months back, but never drank it until recently. It’s bitter, citrusy and similar to cola. It may be one of my favorite drinks now.

Never Alone (Kisima Inŋitchuŋa) – link Never alone is a puzzle-platformer based on Alaskan indigenous stories. Q and I loved it.



November 6-8 // Blizzcon – I went to my second Blizzcon (after skipping last year’s) in Anaheim. A post will come in a few months.

November 12 // Month in Review – October 2015 – post October’s Month in Review post.

November 13 // Star Wars Prequel Trilogy @ Brohaus  – I hosted a viewing party for the Star Wars prequels at Brohaus.

November 14 // Photowalk in SF with Q – post Photos from a photowalk around SF with Q.

November 14 // Q’s Half – runkeeper strava Q hosted a 5k/10k/half race in the baylands. Jeff, Ben and I ran the half marathon.

November 18 // Arizona – Grand Canyon & Antelope Canyon – post Photos from a trip Phil, Sean, Vinny and I took around Arizona.

November 24 // Jordan & Christine’s Wedding – post Photos from Jordan and Christine’s wedding in Texas.

November 26-December 2 // Thanksgiving in Plano – Q and I spent almost a week in Plano.