Month In Review // October 2015

This post is the fourth of my Month in Review series. Read my first post here for more information.



I’ve been focusing more on eating less again. I have found that selective eating can be difficult in social situations, but portion control always works. I have also been grilling my dinner Korean BBQ style after being inspired by this Tim Ferriss show podcast.

I gave up on running a marathon this year and have shifted my focus to building a good aerobic base, where I focus on consistency more than increasing mileage. I have also added pushups and planks to my workout routine. I installed an app for pushup tracking and for plank tracking that you can find under obsessions and finds below.

Here is how my workouts look now.

Day Running Plank Pushups
Sunday yes yes
Monday 40 minutes yes
Tuesday 40 minutes yes yes
Wednesday 60 minutes yes
Thursday 40 minutes yes yes
Friday 40 minutes yes
Saturday 80 minutes yes


My pace has been improving continuously over the last few months. At the end of September, I was running around a 10:00 minutes per mile pace at 150 bpm HR. I ended October at around 9:15 minutes per mile. I’m pretty happy with my results and I’m going to continue this for a few more weeks before increasing my mileage again. Also, I returned to my normal mileage in October after September saw a drop to 24 miles from 75 miles per month the 3 previous months.

October also marked 3 months since I got a DXA scan. The results are below.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 17.02.56

I lost 4.6 pounds of fat and 1.3 pounds of lean tissue. My bodyfat percentage dropped from 24.6% to 22.5%. I’m pretty happy with this result and will continue to improve my eating habits so that I can drop more fat before my next scan. I also gained a modest .5 pounds in my arms.


Obsessions / Finds

100 Pushups All-Star – iOS My app of choice for the 100 pushups challenge. I’ve been using this to track my pushup workouts. Warning: this app will require an in-app purchase to continue beyond a few weeks.

Plank – iOS I have been using this app to track planks. It will slowly work you up from 30 seconds to 5 minutes over the course of a month.

Neil Gaiman – Inspirational Commencement Speech at the University of the Arts 2012 – YouTube Jeff and I launched our Kickstarter this weekend. I know that failure is a distinct possibility. I couldn’t have watched this talk at a better time. Make Good Art.



October 4 // Breakfast @ Brohaus  – I finally got around to hosting breakfast at Brohaus. We had omelettes, hash browns, pancakes and smoothies.

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October 10 // K̶o̶r̶e̶a̶n̶ French BBQ?  – With the help of everyone at the Haus and a few other friends, I was able to mash up French cuisine with the Korean BBQ eating style. We grilled beef on electric grills and dipped them in French sauces.

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October 17 // Clay Pigeon Shooting and Hotpot  – Natalie and Steve hosted Q and me for a fantastic day of clay pigeon shooting followed by a visit to a pumpkin patch and hotpot for dinner.

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