Hi all. Happy new year from Bangalore, India!

The moment I post this is special. It’s exactly the halfway point of my month-long trip around Japan and India (with a few hours in Korea thrown in). This trip has been eye-opening and life-changing, just like any good trip should be. It has given me a chance to look at my life as a third person; I have begun revisiting my habits and assumptions as deep to the core as possible. As part of this process, I am pondering the future of this blog.

First of all, this blog won’t go away. In addition to being a journal, it has made me a better writer and photographer and has served as my sandbox. I just need some time away from it to think. I have been writing a little under 3 posts per month for the last 7 years and 2 months. I think it is time for a break.

I’ll be back soon. Maybe in a few weeks or a few months.