Month In Review // September 2015

This post is the third installment of my Month in Review series. Read my first post here to get an idea of what to expect out of these.




My eating habits have improved and I feel great. I decided to bring back snacks into my diet, but in small amounts, just to fulfill cravings.

My weight is dropping slower, but it’s still going down.

I have brought in pushups into my workout routine. Once I have formed a habit, I’ll add more body weight exercises.



Obsessions / Finds

Long Seige – iOS This game is half Bejeweled and half siege game. The art style and gameplay are refreshing. It’s also short enough I finished it in a week. Highly recommended.


Hello From The Magic Tavern – podcast The description for this podcast should be enough. “Hello! I’m Arnie. I fell through a magical dimensional portal behind a Burger King in Chicago and found myself in a strange magical land called “Foon.” I’m still somehow getting a weak wi-fi signal from the Burger King so I host a weekly podcast from the tavern the Vermilion Minotaur, interviewing monsters, wizards and adventurers.”




September 3-8 // Reunion in Atlanta – Everyone from my father’s side of the family that’s in the US converged in Atlanta, where my cousin Ananth lives. There were 15 people in the same house. It was tons of fun. Photos from Instagram: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21


September 10-14 // XOXO Fest @ Portland, OR – link I attended XOXO Fest in Portland. It was a life changing experience. Hopefully, I’ll get around to elaborating more in a separate post.


September 14 // Month In Review – August 2015 – post Last month’s review post.


September 16 // Winter in Southeast Asia – Singapore – post My first post about my family’s trip to Asia last winter.


September 20 // First Float / Sensory Deprivation Experience – link Ben and I had our first experiences in sensory deprivation tanks. I’ll speak about it more in a future post.


September 25 // Morphology: Brendan Monroe at Heath Ceramics – event Friend and artist Brendan Munroe had his first San Francisco show. Photos to come eventually.


September 26 // Burma – Part 1: The Land of Buddha – post A post dedicated to photos of historical Burma.


September 30 // Burma – Part 2: Today’s Burma – post A post about Burma today.


September 30 // Alina Baraz + Galimatias @DNA Lounge – event Enjoyed Galimatias and Alina Baraz at a private table with friends. Thanks, Jeff for setting it up!