Am I Healthy?

I was wandering around the internet today and found this site that calculates how many miles per gallon of food your body gets:
36 miles per gallon

Created by The Car Connection

As I was taking the test, I realized that I haven’t really been very healthy these days. During high school I used to eat balanced meals and try to work out every day. Nowadays I haven’t really been doing either. I think I really need to work hard and get my life back on track.
Oh and I was looking at the Food Pyramid online and found that they revised it. It looks weird now. They got rid of the different levels and replaced them with rays that come down from the top. I guess they are trying to stress that every type of food is important and no one group is higher than the other. The food pyramid site seems to be pretty useful. I might start using it to improve myself.


Ok on to some unhealthy stuff. My sister suggested that I try something the next time I eat Shin Ramyun:

I should add in muenster cheese:

I tried it yesterday. It was orgasmic. I’ve already had it once since. It is so good. The cheese tastes great with the noodles and the fat from the cheese leaks into the soup. So the soup ends up tasting better too. Here I am posting about ramen right after saying I need to get healthier… I really need to work on that.