116 Things to Do at Columbia

A while back, I saw someone post a list of 116 things to do before leaving Columbia. I think this list originates from this Spec Article, but I’m sure lists like this have existed before. Since I just graduated, I decide to look through the list and see how many I finished. 1. Enter the […]

Senior Week + Graduation

I finally got around to uploading pictures from senior week and graduation. Here they are. Meixin’s Birthday Senior Ball These two pictures pretty much sum up the weather during that week. SEAS and CC Class Day Commencement And thats it!

Week in NY 10/25-10/31/2010

On Wednesday this week, everyone lined up to try the Korilla Korean taco truck. I think that it is meant to be similar to the famous LA Kogi trucks. The food wasn’t exceptional. Based, on what I read about it, Kogi seems much better. The view out of my window at night was amazing. It […]

Someone Loves Copy & Paste

Someone working on Wednesday’s Columbia Daily Spectator must really love copy and paste. Also the editing staff must have been sleeping. Read the first eight paragraphs. Notice anything funny? I can’t believe this was printed on the front page.