Headphone Mod

Last night, I reached for my Audio Technica ATH-ES7 headphones and noticed that the cord was frayed near the 3.5mm connector. I plugged it in to check if it still worked. Low and behold, the right channel no longer worked.

I contemplated what to do. I had already sent in these headphones to get the cord replaced before (these headphones have very weak cords). I didn’t want to call and get them replaced under warranty again since that can take up to 3 weeks.

I then thought about replacing the 3.5mm connector. That isn’t the optimal solution because slim, white connectors are hard to come by. I then realized I still had the original iPhone headphones in the box.

I took them out, and cut the earbuds off. Then, I removed the original cord from the Audio Technicas and replaced it with the iPhone cord. After a bit of soldering and screwing everything back together, the mod was complete.

The headphones with the completed mod:

What should I do with these completely new earbuds?