Week in NY 10/25-10/31/2010

On Wednesday this week, everyone lined up to try the Korilla Korean taco truck. I think that it is meant to be similar to the famous LA Kogi trucks. The food wasn’t exceptional. Based, on what I read about it, Kogi seems much better.

The view out of my window at night was amazing. It was the most fog I had seen in a while.

Wednesday was also the night of EC/Wien Halloween events. In EC, suites were invited to turn their suites into a haunted house to try to win a $200 prize. Here are some highlights from them.

Friday was the Halloween potluck! All of us crowded into suite 1202 for dinner, games, and a few movies. Here is what everyone made/brought.

Me: Spinach Enchiladas
Caroline: Pumpkin Porridge
Cindy: Eggplant Parmesan
Geoffrey: Fried Rice
Vinny: Mashed Potatoes
Chris: Baked Ziti
Ryan: Chicken Pot Pie & Salmon
Sean: Pies
Jason: Drinks

Here is the food before:

Everyone circling the food like hawks:

Food afterwards:

On Saturday, Caroline and I went shopping for the last bits of our costumes. Our first stop was Macy’s. All the employees dressed up!


Along the way, we decided to stop at 2 Bros Pizza. I was amazed. The pizza was one slice for $1 or two slices and a Snapple for $2.75. They always had a line of about twenty people. To keep up with demand, they were constantly making pizzas assembly line style.


We got hungry again ^^ and stopped at K!Pizzacone. Apparently, pizza in a cone is a popular concept in Italy, Portugal, and Brazil. A pizzacone is basically a cone shaped crust with sauce and pizza toppings in it. It was delicious.


Caroline with the broccoli and mushroom pizzacone.



Along our walk around fashion district and 5th avenue, we had the chance to soak in some of New York’s architecture.

For example, the Empire State Building.


A small church nestled in between two apartment high rises.


The Flatiron building!


On Sunday, Caroline and I made Kimchi Quesadillas for brunch. The recipe is inspired by LA’s Kogi truck. Hopefully, I’ll write a post about it later.


Sunday was my first time spending Halloween in NYC! I had a blast. The night started with a sunset that I had to capture.



Phil and Helena were PB&J. Unfortunately, the pictures of them didn’t come out ):. Caroline was Coraline! She spent hours on making the key and other accessories for her Costume.



I was a Nerd Herder from the TV show Chuck.


My Nerd Herd pocket protector:


We saw some great costumes on the way to the Village Halloween Parade, including this Mad Hatter and a pack of bees. There was even a puppy dressed as a bee!


The parade was almost impossible to photograph, not only was I far away due to the huge crowd, but the lighting was horrible (it was night), and the people were moving too quickly. I am surprised that I even got any shots. The parade had many floating, glowing creatures like these snakes.


Many people were dressed as huge skeletons.


Some of them were more funny than scary.


There was even a group of people unicycles!


Even though I could barely see anything from my decent spot in the crowd, there were tons of people behind us that probably couldn’t see anything.


Phil, Helena, Caroline and I ended the night with $2 meals at Chipotle! mmmm Tacos.




Wow what a tiring week. Now for some rest and studying…