Wonder Girls!

Last week, as some of you may know, Caroline took me to the Wonder Girls JYP concert as an early birthday present. I have finally gotten around to writing it up. Here we go!

After waiting in line for what seemed an eternity, we finally got into the hall. The sound manager had a Mac and some pretty cool equipment. I just couldn’t resist taking a photo.

You might notice that I am at the bottom of a multi-tier hall. Caroline actually purchased tickets for the first balcony, but when we got there the lady at the will call gave us different tickets, saying that she “upgraded us.” After we got in line, Vinny (who memorized the whole layout of the hall) told us that the tickets were actually all the way in the right and not that great. So we went back to the lady and complained saying that the tickets are actually worse. She then gave us more expensive tickets for the back of the bottom level. ^__^

The ceiling of the hall was really pretty. It made it feel really old and upscale.

J Lim, one of JYP’s artists opened the show with one of her songs. She isn’t really as well known as Wonder Girls, but apparently she is famous on the street scene.

Then finally, the Wonder Girls came. They made a pretty amazing opening, being silhouetted against the lights in the back.

Then, 2PM came out and did a song with Wonder Girls. They were pretty cool. It seemed like some of them had a breakdance and poplock background. So they were definitely really good dancers.

After a few songs by the Wonder Girls and a few more by 2PM, the Wonder Girls sang “Saying I love you.” Ye Eun, my favorite Wonder Girl, actually wrote the song! She played piano while they all sang together.

Here is my absolute favorite photo from the concert. I think there is just something about the colors, the smoke and the crowd with their cameras that just makes it look really interesting.

The Wonder Girls then said goodbye and JYP came on with his crew and his songs. I really have a lot of respect for JYP. He is extremely hard working and equally down to earth. I can see that he loves performing and knows what can make a good performance.

His part of the concert was centered around a theme of him cheating on his woman with a girl who is cheating on her man. He addressed the audience as the woman, asking us if we wanted to have dinner, dance, go to the club, etc. It was kinda cheesey but he still pulled it off pretty well. The craziest part was when he brought out a bed and said, “Here is my bedroom. Want to come in?” He then asked for a woman from the audience to come up. He made her lay down and close her eyes. Then, while singing, he tied her to the bed! The crowd at that point was going nuts. It was so surprising and funny.

The bed starting tilting up and he starting holding her and singing. She was a really good sport. I wasn’t jealous but the girls around me definitely were haha.

The concert was awesome. Thanks Caroline <3. I don’t remember having that much fun at a concert before. And since we were on the bottom level, I was able to get some great shots. Make sure to check them out in the slideshow below or just click here for the Flickr set.